Landscape Design / Architecture
Landscape Design / Architecture

There is much more to architecture and design than meets the eye. The location, configuration and decor of the spaces in which we spend our time can influence how we feel.

The relationship between our surroundings and our psyches is so strong that our physical surrounding can actually influence our moods, our behaviour, our work performance and our relationships.

Our professional Landscape Architects and Designers achieve a perfect blend of form and function using nature’s own colours and textures to create an environment which will enhance your property’s value and appearance.

We work with you to develop an intimate understanding of your homes architecture, your needs and requirements, your vision and your goals. From initial concept, to final design, through completed construction, we transform vision into reality. 


The Design Process

Phase 1 - Initial Consultation

Phase 1 - Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is an information gathering session where we work to understand your site conditions, your desired use of the outdoor spaces, your specific privacy and circulation issues and your budget.

We are interested in your preferences and encourage you to present photographic samples that convey your inspiration for the project. Providing available site surveys, architectural plans or other drawings will save us time and reduce cost as we begin our evaluation.

During this consultation we gather enough information to develop a design proposal that outlines the recommended scope of work.

Once the proposal is approved, we move to the next phase in the design process, Conceptual Design.


Phase 2 - Conceptual Design

Phase 2 - Conceptual Design

We transform the ideas gathered during the initial consultation into preliminary conceptual designs representing potential landscape solutions.

Concept designs may include site plans, specific design details or elevation drawings that visually detail the design ideas. With this you can prioritize design elements within the landscape.

Once we agree on the final conceptual design, we move to the next phase, Construction Documents.


Phase 3 - Construction Documents

Phase 3 - Construction Documents

The construction documents consist of both the final plans and construction cost estimate for your landscape project. Similar to the plans an architect drafts for your home, our landscape architects create an equivalent level of detail for your landscape.

Once the final documents and budget are approved, a Construction Manager is appointed to supervise the project from the completed design phase through construction, working in close liaison with the Architect, providing you a single point of contact throughout the project.


Landscape Design Checklist

A successful landscape or garden begins with a plan based on individual needs and preferences.

The questionnaire below will help you and your Architect/Designer focus on your needs and desires and the special character of your site.

These questions are designed to stimulate your own thinking about how you might derive the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment from your outdoor living space.

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