Water has tremendous healing potential for the human mind, body and spirit.  Water can physiologically and psychologically benefit people because of its therapeutic nature.

For thousands of years water has been known to help cure illness, refresh the body and relax the mind. Water has been one of the most effective elements in combating illness and injury and can also be a quick, easy and affordable way to relieve stress.

Despite technological and medical advances water still has the capacity to effectively promote good health and healing….naturally.



POOL & SPAS - Every Shape Style and Type & Size Imaginable!

Kehoe & Associates can create the pool of your dreams. We design and adapt ideas to realistic concepts custom-creating the perfect pool for our clientele.

Every Kehoe & Associates Pool is specifically designed for your backyard blending the shape, size, style and finish of your pool to best compliment the other elements of your landscape plan.

Kehoe & Associates is proud of its reputation for upholding the highest ethics in both workmanship and customer service. From the design stage through to completion, Kehoe & Associates assures you a successful pool project.



WATER FEATURES /PONDS - Soothing Sounds Calm the Surrounding Environment


A Water Feature will create an atmosphere unique to your outdoor living environment. Rock waterfalls, streams and fountains can individualize any landscape or pool area.

Kehoe & Associates Inc. specializes in bringing natural features into the urban environment. With ponds and waterfalls urban form will appear more at one with the natural environment. These features enhance peace and tranquillity, provide the perfect relief or escape from our hectic schedules and frantic lifestyles.



POOL RENOVATIONS - What May Be Old is New Once More!

The Kehoe & Associates team can transform any existing pool to a pool that is in every respect brand new; including a new extended warranty!

Updating an existing pool may be an opportunity to incorporate new technology, water features or to reconfigure shape. We can leverage an in-place amenity, using it cost effectively to your advantage, in the creation of an entirely new backyard oasis.

Kehoe & Associates specializes in complete pool renovations that include full restoration, re-plumbing, mechanical systems, liner, coping and terrace finishes.