What is Terraquatics™

With rock we build terraces, waterfalls, grottos, pathways, and walls. With water we create rivers, ponds, cascades, fountains, and natural swimming pools. With plants we paint with nature's color palette. The result is a place to be, a place to relax, a place to live.

As the premier Landscape & Aquatics Design/Build firm in Ontario we have considerable expertise with properties of all sizes and architectural styles.

Terraquatics™ by Kehoe & Associates combines creativity and visionary design with over thirty years of pool and landscape construction experience.


TERRA - Landscape Excellence

We are a fully integrated Landscape & Aquatics Design and Construction Team that knows a thing or two about the earth.

Drainage, hydraulics, municipal compliance, soil conditions, plant selection and placement are all critical considerations as are sightlines, privacy and the form and function of each area.

By merging the complementary disciplines of Design with Construction and Project Management, we offer fully comprehensive solutions on any scale.

It is this integration that allows Kehoe & Associates the ability and the flexibility to offer our clients a professionally streamlined and cost effective solution.

AQUATICS - Pools, Ponds & Water Features

The shape, location and the installed grade (elevation) of a pool is critical. This can "make or break" a successful project.

Terraquatics™ by Kehoe & Associates incorporates this critical consideration into every design. We ensure that your pool, water feature and landscape all share a direct and common relationship with one another.

Pool technology has also advanced considerably and functionality such as web accessible programming/operation and automation integration with the yards lighting design is critical; they are now interconnected.

Timing of traditional resources and trades, installation of accessories and water features, all need to be coordinated; At Kehoe & Associates the entire process is administered in house ensuring flawless coordination of all resources. 

We are a single source for design through construction, ensuring that all aspects of the project coordinate flawlessly.

This is the true advantage we offer our clients