Welcome to Kehoe & Associates Inc. Outdoor Living... RedefinedWelcome to Kehoe & Associates Inc. Outdoor Living... Redefined

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There is much more to architecture and design than meets the eye.


The location, configuration and decor of the spaces in which we spend our time can influence how we feel. The relationship between our surroundings and our psyches is so strong that our physical surrounding can actually influence our moods, our behaviour, our work performance and our relationships.


Our professional Landscape Architects and Designers achieve a perfect blend of form and function using nature’s own colours and textures to create an environment which will enhance your property’s value and appearance.


We work with you from initial concept, to final design, through completed construction to make your vision a reality.


Mastering form and function is where the Terraquatics Team excel.


Thank you for visiting our web site. Together lets bring your vision to life!



Patrick F. Kehoe